Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sligo 4/25/16

It's been a great week!
It was more of a finding week, but we found some good potential investigators
We went to a huge toy store called Smyths. it's like Toys R Us. They had a ton of Star Wars stuff so I was checking that out!
We went to the Sligo Park and did some excising and passing the ball around. It was a nice way to prepare for the week!
We did tracting in the evening. It's getting really warm and we ride bikes a lot so its physically demanding, but good at the same time.
We skyped  Mullingar  for our district meeting because they have no car at the moment. We talked about ways we can use our time wisely and different ways of finding.
We did finding in the city until we needed to catch a bus to Tubercurry.
In Tubercurry, we talked to Stephen and helped him set up his computer to Skype the Zone Leaders for his interview.
On our way back we got a call from the Zone leaders saying that Stephen was so prepared and excited for his Baptism! We were so excited!
We did finding most of the Day.
In the evening we went to go visit Less Active members that were on our Branch List. None were living there anymore.
After we had a quick lesson with our friend Frank. We invited him to read from the Book of Mormon when he has some free time!
We did a lot of Street Contacting as well this day.
In the Evening we taught Jesus and Loander with the Ducusins. I have been studying the priesthood keys and shared my studies with them. It was a interesting lesson, but they are slowly progressing!
It was another day of finding!
We taught Ed and his Girlfriend Caroline and her son Brian. They just had bought the New Star Wars and asked if I wanted to watch it. If I wasn't a Missionary I would have,  but I am focused to teach the Gospel. We shared how important it is to Endure to the End.
At night we had Family Home Evening. The Ducusins taught about the  importance of  maki good decisions and being  accountable. The picture the Ducusins sent was us with Jesus and Loander. Jesus has the Yankees cap and Loander has the little pony tail in the back. I told them that you would enjoy the picture so they gave me their ipad so i could put your email in. They showed me the Message you sent on Sunday. I'm glad you liked it!
We did alot of finding as well this day!
We did service finding today, which was interesting! We went out in our service clothes and asked people if they needed any service done. They told us to come back next week earlier on in the day because every one already done with any chores.
At night for dinner we went to Tesco and bought some Lindt Chocolate to celebrate the Baptism on Sunday! It was on sale so it was good for us. I got Dark Orange and Dark Lime. So GOOD!
Such a great day!
We had so many people at Church. Most were visitors from the States. There was 5 from Dallas and San Antonino. They told me about the Flooding that had happened in Houston.
President Thompson and Sister Thompson came for the Baptism!
After Church we had the Service then we went to Glencarr Lake for the Baptism. Stephan was so excited that he got baptized. It was a great experience!
Ireland was also celebrating the 1916 rising of Ireland, so the city was packed and a concert was echoing through the city!

It was a wonderful week!

                                                                Stephen's Baptism

                                                                       Waters of Mormon

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