Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sligo 5/2/16

Hello family!,

Its been another wonderful week here in Sligo, went by in a blink of an Eye.


We met with our friend Frank again. We talked about the importance of the Sabbath Day! He is very busy to read and come to church but we promised if he does that he will know of the Truthfulness of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon!


Our hot water and pump for our shower had been out for 4-5 days so the pump guy came and fixed our pump so we could take showers. I had been heating up water in a kettle and putting it in milk jugs so I could be clean. It was a interesting experience!

We went to visit Less Actives in the area to see how they were doing. None of them werehome which was sad, but we tried!

The rest of our day was spent Tracting!


The Mullingar Elders came up for District meeting and exchanges!

We had a district meeting on pushing forward member missionary work! It was great because its been kind of hard because of where the members live.
After I went on exchanges with my MTC companion Elder Davis.

We had 3 lessons for the day but they all fell through:(   So we had a long day of finding.

There is a homeless Hungarian man that Elder Vasvary usually speaks too. When I was with Elder Davis we had a hard time talking to him, I used some interesting hand signals to help him understand us.  

For dinner we got Kebabs at the best Kebab Place in Sligo! It was so spicy but really good!


We had finding for the morning and most of the afternoon.

We taught our friend, Javad from Iran, In the evening. We taught him the Plan of Salvation! He really liked how clear and simple God's plan is! 

We taught Jesus and Loander in the evening! WE taught the law of chastity, word of wisdom, and tithing and fasting. They accepted it and they said they they agree 100%! We know that they are progressing towards knowing that this is The Church of Jesus Christ.


We had mostly a finding day.

We taught Mensah, the member from Guana, about the priesthood. We shared how we should use the priesthood worthily and use it not being lazy.

In the evening we had family home evening! We did gospel charades! It was really fun and funny to see how everyone acted topics out!


We did some service for our branch mission leader and his wife, Joe and Charlotte Tiernan. We helped move their furniture from their house in Leitrim to their new house in Carrick on Shannon. It was fun and we really bonded with the members! They fed us a lot! Shepherd's pie and pizza!

We did finding for the rest of the day after that!


We had Stephan's Confirmation. I was able to be the voice for it! It was my first time confirming someone so i was nervous! I felt the spirit so strong and I felt God speaking from my mouth. I was so grateful for the chance to do that for Stephan!

Sister Ducusin said in her testimony how grateful she was for the short message she received from "Elder Udy's mom." The was really happy to receive it!

In Joint Priesthood and Relief Society we were able to speak alittle bit on Member missionary work. We shared our testimonies on the Importance of sharing the gospel. After the meeting the members talked to us and asked if they could help us. I love the members here and all that they do for us!

That was our week! It was great!

I can't wait to skype on sunday!

Have a great week!


Elder Joseph Udy

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