Monday, May 23, 2016

Sligo 5/18/2016

Hello Everyone!
This week wasn't the best but It was great!

We traveled to Mullingar to stay there for the night. We had a fun hour before bed just talking about how all our missions were going so far!

We traveled to Dublin for the All Ireland Zone Conference! It was great to see all the Missionaries that I'd become so close with. I talked with the Cork Teams and they were doing well. We had great instructions from all the ZLs, The STLs and the Assistants. President told me to share the experience of Mark to all the missionaries. It scared me so much because there were so many missionaries but I know my Heavenly Father helped me with the words.  I got the package from but not the other one, so hopefully i get that soon.  Elder Vasvary and I went on exchanges with Elder Moller, one of our Zone leaders. It was pouring and I wasn't wearing any jacket so my white shirt got soaked.

We did finding with the Zone Leaders in the morning. We took a train at 3 back to Sligo which took 3 hours.

We had a whole day of finding which was tough. All of the lessons fell through. I can tell my feet are getting stronger because we walk for almost 10 hours a day.

We went to Ed's house in the afternoon. I shared a scripture that is talking about Nephi getting down on himself. It continues to say that through God's help he was able to get over his trials. I concluded with my own testimony about that we can always get down on ourselves but with God's help we can pull though and have so much Joy!

We had Family Home Evening in the... Evening. It was Good Craic (Irish for Good times). Loander shared a thought on following the truth and we had a fun game afterwards!
I was talking to Brother Teirnan, our Branch Mission Leader, I showed him the name of my ancestor who lived in Ireland. He said that it might be his clan and If the name went through Ellis Island, the name could have changed. Cool Craic.

We had a whole day of finding today as well.
Some guy gave us a big bag of weed... Seaweed! I had some It was interesting and had a weird smell.

We had some visitors from Dublin. One was a Returned missionary, Rebekah Barrett, who served in the Boston, USA missionary. She told me she loved it there. Where she served resembled how it goes here in Ireland.
We spent the rest of the day finding. Fun Stuff!

It was a interesting week but hopefully our new week is better!

                                                             Crazy hill climbing

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