Monday, April 18, 2016

Sligo 04/18/2016

Hello Everyone!
It's been a great week and my sixth transfer in the Scotland/Ireland Mission is on its way!
I can't believe that yesterday (Sunday the 17th was my 7th month mark). Missionary work here in Sligo is going well!

We taught our friend Frank. We read the Book of Mormon with him because he never has time to read it. We see him today, so hopefully he had a chance to read!

We taught a woman named Lovett. She is from Nigeria. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She is new to Sligo and isgetting used to English but she understood what we had to share.
After that we went to Tubercurry to see some friends. But they were not home so we had to catch a bus back to Sligo

We taught a man named Javad in the afternoon. He originally is from Iran. He was very receptive and was excited to start meeting with missionaries again!
After we taught a woman from Brazil named Angelica . She wasn't very religious and we found her in the former investigator section in our phone. One thing that I find funny is that every one here thinks I'm 25-28 but when they find out I'm only 18 they are shocked, shocks me too. She was really shocked as well. She was interested in reading the Book of Mormon because she loves reading.
Later on we did some tracting until dinner.

We took our bikes to the bike shop to get repaired. They were missing brake pads so we need to fix the bikes so we could travel around faster!
After we taught a man named Andrew. He is from Africa. We teach so many people from Africa that its hard to get track of where they are from in Africa. He met missionaries before so we talked about why he wanted to meet us again. He has always lived far from the church building so that's why he stopped going but we are glad that he can see us.
After we went finding by the Sligo I.T.. We met some interesting people a few were interested in meeting us at a later time.   

We taught Jesus and Loander, t he Venezuelans, In the Evening we met up with  the Ducsins, a Wonderful member couple from Philippines. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how we can find out if this is the truth.

We went to church early in the morning because we were going to skype into Dublin for a leadership training. The Ducsins lent us their IPAD so we could Skype instead of traveling 4 hours to Dublin. It was interesting because we were the only leadership team that wasn't in Dublin, but it was good!
In the afternoon, we visited our Less active friend from the Bronx, Ed. Ed was asking what my favorite baseball team was and I said the New York Yankees. He likes the New York Mets so he was determined to make me a Mets fan. Its always great to visit with him. I shared about being grateful for what God has already given us because he blesses us so much!
We had Family Home Evening at night. The Ducsins talked about the stories in the Book of Mormon. We were assigned in group to sing verses from Book of Mormon Stories and act them out. My group had Samuel the Lamanite and the 2 thousand stripling warriors. It was fun! If you find the Ducsins on Facebook you can ask them for the videos!

We picked up our bikes and we got the other parts we needed.
We planned to ride to a beach town close to Sligo to do some finding. It was called Strand hill. It ended being mostly up hill and 4 miles to the town. We got there and it was so beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Kennebunkport because of all the shops and surfers. I took some nice pictures of us in our bike gear at the Atlantic ocean! We talked to some very nice people.
The 4 mile trip back was tough but it was good. We did finding in the city until our dinner time!

We had a wonderful church meeting. The speakers talked about being grateful for all we have!
We talked with Stephan about his Baptism. It will be this coming Sunday after church in a Lake! He seems really excited and we are excited for him!
After church we did a lot of finding and rode our bikes out to tract!

It was a great week!


                                                  Elder Vasvary and I at the Atlantic Ocean

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