Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sligo 5/9/16

Hello Family!

It was great skyping with you all yesterday! It made my week and It made me excited for this upcoming week!  Here is how the week went!
We did tracting in the evening! We found 4 potential people we could teach! We were more bold with asking for appointments!

We skyped Mullingar for our district meeting! We talked about inviting more because sometimes we can be to nervous to invite so we are working on being more bold with our investigators.  We had a whole day of finding after that which was tough but we worked hard!

Wednesday (May the 4th be with you!):
Today we did finding for the whole day as well! We tried picking streets by the spirit. Trusting in the spirit is so important in knowing where Heavenly Father wants us to go!
We took some cool lightsaber pictures in honor of May the 4th!

Thursday: (Revenge of the 5th/Cinco de Mayo)
We taught Jesus and Loander, the Venezuelans, with President and Sister Thompson! It was a very spiritual lesson the spirit was so strong. I know that they will soon have a desire to be baptized once they have a personal witness!  IN the evening we taught our friend Frank! He still asks us where does it say in the bible that we need the Book of Mormon! We told him again that he needs to read to know that it is true! He said he will try his best to read!

We visited our less active friend Ed, he had been suffering from loss of blood, we hope he will be able to recover!
Mary Holmes, a member in the branch who is from Scotland, invited us over for dinner along with some other members! She made some really good curry. I shared a message about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how we can find out for ourselves if it is true.
Afterwards we ended our evening at Family Home Evening! We did Book of Mormon face characters (The game where you try to guess the topic on your forehead) It was fun!

We taught a man named Chris, from Cameroon, that we met the day before! The lesson was great and we talked about our love for Jesus! We can't wait to go back and teach him again!

Was a great day!
I gave a talk on Faith Precedes everything. Faith goes before anything we do and we can see the blessings from trusting God. I again related the Gospel to Star Wars because my mind works through Star Wars alot! Everyone seemed to enjoy it which made me happy!
Skyping was the Highlight of my day. I was so happy to see that my family is doing well! It made me happy as well for the support they give me!
Sunday night we went to Eds house and gave him a blessing because he hasn't been feeling to well
It was a great week!
I'm so excited for our all Ireland this week!
I hope you all have a great week
Elder Joseph Udy

                                            Our Friends from Venezuela Jesus and Loander

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