Monday, May 23, 2016

Sligo 5/23/16

Hello Family!
8 months in the Scotland/Ireland Mission! 8 months in beautiful Ireland!
Its been a great week!  \

We taught our friend Frank! He finally read the BOOK OF MORMON!! SO HAPPY! He actually enjoys it! What a Blessing!!!

The Mullingar Elders came down for District meeting/ exchanges. We talked about qualifying appointments because a lot our appointments have been falling through and we want to do everything we can to keep those appointments!
Afterwards we went to Donegal to go finding and see if we could teach anyone there. First we went to Bandoran Beach and talked to people on the beautiful coast line. It wasn't very sunny so there were not very many people there. Next we went to Donegal Town. There were a lot of people there! It was more of a tourist town so A lot of Americans and Germans were there.  Afterwards we returned to Sligo and did finding for the rest of the day!

We taught a man named Eduardo, from Brazil! We taught the Restoration and he loved it! He works in Dublin from Thursday to Monday so we have to figure a way out for him to get to church!
The rest of the day we did finding!

We taught Javad, from Iran, in the Afternoon! We taught about the Spirit. We showed him the Patterns of Light by Elder Bednar. It was a great lesson and he enjoyed it as well!
The rest of the day we spent finding!

We saw our friend Ed in the afternoon! We shared about the Liahona and how the scriptures and prayer can be a guide for our life!
In the evening we had Family home evening! We all acted out Abinadi's Story in the Book of Mormon. It was really fun!  It rained so much. I got soaked and I had some nice Hot Chocolate before bed because i was so cold.

We did finding the whole day!
For Lunch, Elder Vasvary did a Irish Breakfast challenge and if you could eat it in 30 minutes, you get it free. He didn't but it was fun!

We had a wonderful church meetings. We heard talks about how to press forward through hard trials!
In the evening we went with our Branch President, President Cunan and went to go see some Potential Investigators. It was good even though none were home, we talked a lot with President Cunan about the missionary work here!
That was our week! It was great!
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Joseph Udy

                                   Elder Davis and I at Bandoran Beach on our 8 month mark!

                                                                 Bandoran Beach

                                                               Donegal Castle

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