Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

       May 29th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

                                             What’s It Called?... Cumbernauld

Hello Everyone!

Well we got our moves call on Saturday. Elder Fehoko is leaving me and going to Aberdeen to be a Zone Leader. I’m really sad to see him go but that is where Heavenly Father needs him to be. Elder Richards is my new companion. He was my district leader for 3 transfers when I was in Galashiels. He goes home in July so I will be his last Companion. That also means that I will have one more companion after him. We are going to have a great time together!

Here is how this past week went!
Monday, we helped the Tongan family in the other ward move. They are moving to Paris because the Father’s time is up with the Glasgow Warriors Rugby team and he is going to play rugby in France.

They payed for a taxi so we could get to their house!

After, We went into the city centre so Elder Fehoko could buy a suit.

The famous Duke of Wellington Statue in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow! There is always a cone on his head. When the Police try to remove the cone, someone comes to put a cone back on his head. It is a tradition!

Tuesday, we had District meeting in Glasgow. We discussed how we need to realize and teach that the Holy Ghost is the true teacher. It was the last District meeting for Elder Carmichael and a lot of other Elders in the other Districts. We gathered together as a Zone and sang our Mission Song, Till the Work is Done!

Elder Fehoko with his Fresh Tongan Style.

In the evening, a member from Livingston Ward, Ann Harrison, with some Returned Missionaries from the Scotland Ireland Mission, took us out to eat at a place called the beefeater. All I can say is that there was a lot of Beef eaten !

Wednesday, we saw John in the evening! He made a deal, that if he fed us that we would have to go to Ward Choir Practice that evening. So we did.

Well the next day I was hit with a really sore throat that made it hard to speak so we did some finding but I had to rest a bit to get better.

Friday I went to Glasgow to see the Doctor because I wasn't getting any better. I got the needed medicine and she told me to rest for the next couple of days so I could get better!

So not much happened after that because I was sick and Elder Fehoko had to pack.

I picked up Elder Richards this morning!

I hope you all have a great week


Elder Joseph Udy

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22nd 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

May 22nd 2017 Cumbernauld

Hello everyone!

This week we were on exchanges twice this week

Tuesday we were on exchanges with Airdrie and Wednesday we went on Exchanges with the zone leaders in Glasgow!

We saw our investigator, John Livingston , quite a bit this past week. I helped him set up his new router, his printer and his phone. The sort of problems that I love dealing with! He fed us 3 times this past week! He is progressing very well and he comes to church each week!

The rest of the week we spent our time finding!

No too exciting happened this past week

Sorry that is email is sort and lame. We are helping someone move so I'm emailing from an IPad (and I can't access word so that's why this is in the main email)

I hope you all have a great week├é 


Elder Joseph Udy

Monday, May 15, 2017

MAY 15th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

      MAY 15th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week!

This past week has just been crazy. Lots of traveling. I am traveled out.

Monday we went to Glasgow to play basketball and lawn bowling with the Zone. We stayed in Glasgow because we had to travel to Edinburgh the next day.

On tuesday I rode with the Zone Leaders and some other missionaries in the car to Edinburgh for the Scotland West Conference. I really enjoyed President and Sister Donaldson’s instruction on becoming like Jesus Christ. It's important to have that in our mind especially as missionaries because we represent him!

Wednesday we went to the Stake Center in Glasgow to have interviews with President Donaldson. I always enjoy my interviews with President Donaldson. He is a legendary Mission President in my eyes!

Thursday, I had a Doctors appointment in Edinburgh. After that I was just so tired because of all the traveling.

The rest of the week we focused on finding! We found a few potential investigators which is good!

My favorite part of the week would probably be skyping home to my family. It was great to talk with my family. It's so crazy that I will be home in about 3 months!

I’m sorry I didn't have any picture opportunities this week but I’ll try better this week!

I hope you all have a wonderful week


Elder Joseph Udy

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

      May 8th 2017 Cumbernauld, Scotland

Elder Fehoko and I enjoying some Haggis, Neeps (Turnips), and Tatties (potatoes) with some Irn Bru.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful week!

We had another beautiful sunny week here in North Lanarkshire!

On Monday we went to the Stake center in Glasgow to have a Missionary barbecue and play some sports. Everyone brought their own meat. I got some cheap gammon steaks, so good!

(Don't worry I’m not that fat, I just had some paper towels in my jacket pockets)

On Tuesday we had District meeting. We talked about how power statements can be a help to us in stressed situation or in short lessons.

I went on exchanges to airdrie with Elder Carmichael. We did some finding and we had dinner at the Airdrie Ward Bishop’s house. We passed this stadium on the way back from the Bishop’s house. Turns out Elton John is playing there, cool… Elder Carmichael and I are really into the Pokemon Trading card game. We had a match with his decks. It was heated and close but he came out victorious.

Wednesday I was back in Cumbernauld. We did finding for most of the day. In the evening we had dinner at John Livingstone’s house. He made us some Haggis, Neeps and tatties! I’ve had haggis quite a lot in my time here in Scotland and I really like it . It was Elder Fehoko’s first time and he really liked it.

The rest of the week we focused on finding new investigators! It was the first full week where I could go out without a jacket on every day!

Sunday, I got up to bare my testimony on Families. I am really grateful that families can be eternal because my family means a lot to me!

I’m really grateful for the Love, Heavenly Father has for each one of us. He wants and is always there to help us. He is been a help to me in making my future a little more clear. I’m grateful that he has helped me in my Decision in going to Oklahoma when I get home to start my path to a Pharmacy Degree at the University of Oklahoma. It has helped me to focus on the months I have left on my mission!

This week we have the Scotland west conference in Edinburgh, Interviews in Glasgow on Wednesday and the Physicist on Thursday in Edinburgh. It's going to be a crazy busy week!

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Joseph Udy