Monday, November 30, 2015

Cork 11/30/2015

It’s been a crazy week! I can’t believe it’s almost December!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I miss having Thanksgiving dinner. All that Ireland has is weekend Black Friday sales and the whole city of Cork has been really busy this week.

I went to the Blarney Castle last week.  It was awesome! I got some really good pictures! I was terrified because to kiss the stone you have hang upside down while the guy holds your legs so you don't fall and die.

I went on exchanges with other Elders three times last week. It’s really cool to travel around southern Ireland a lot. On Tuesday, I went with Elder Hansen, one of the zone leaders. He is such a great leader and helped me work on my goal of simplicity.

On Friday, I went to Tralee to go on exchanges with Elder Beveridge. He is so awesome and he gave me his ukulele so now I have 2!

On Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Christiansen who is from Canada. We taught a really awesome restoration lesson to a French man named Fredrick!  I could understand some of his French, but didn’t get to speak any.

I am really enjoying the food here. I learned how to make something called a Samoan. It is just Raman noodles and scrambled eggs combined and put on a sandwich!

I might stay in Cork at the next transfer, but wherever the President wants me to go, that’s where I’ll go. I would love to stay in Cork!

Yesterday the Church launched the 2015 Christmas initiative with the new video. I invite you to take a look at and think of someone you could share this with. The Birth of Savior is center of Christmas and is the ultimate gift because we have the chance to live with our Heavenly Father again. The whole world should know of the Birth of Christ and how great a gift that is. That has always been my favorite part of Christmas and I want others to know of the Joy I feel from it!

I love and miss you all and hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all the prayers and mail. I love rereading letters that I get in the mail because they make me happy.  Have a great week!

                                                                      Blarney Castle

                                                                 At the Blarney Castle                   

Kissing the Blarney Stone

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