Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cork 11/16/2015

Today marks 2 months being out.

This week has been very crazy because of transfers.

Tuesday, Elder Cook and Elder Arave left so I was with Elder Van Staden for the day.

On Wednesday Elder Van Staden and I got up early to walk 2 hours to the Cork City bus station to catch a bus to Limerick. When we got to Limerick I traveled to Dublin for the day with the Zone Leaders. We went shopping and touring around Dublin because it was Preparation-Day. We went to a mall and they had a Star Wars section there. The other Dublin Elder and I gathered around because they were showing the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer there. It was so exciting and we were all bouncing around.

That night Elder Olsen came in from the Dublin Bus station and we drove to Limerick and we stayed there for the night.

Elder Olsen is an awesome missionary. He loves chocolate so we always get tons of chocolate. He is a great teacher and he is very humble. I look forward to this next transfer with him!

Elder Ballard is coming to Dublin on Saturday so all the missionaries in Ireland get to go to an All-Ireland-Conference. I am really excited.

I was asked to speak in church on Sunday in the Cork Branch.

It’s been really windy and cold here.

We were told by the Mission President that we should stay clear of Public gatherings/events because of the Terrorist attacks on Paris. 

It’s been such an exhausting week but the New Transfer is here and it’s time to get working hard.

I appreciate all the emails and prayers!


Elder Joseph Hyrum Udy

                                          A View From Dublin

Rice Crispy Treats We Made for Church Members

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