Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cork 12/7/2015


We have had a ton of rain in Cork. We have some bad storms coming in.

On Saturday, we had a “Meet the Mormons” event for all investigators in Cork. It was a success and the Branch President even said it was fun! Later that night we went to the Kagari's House for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good!

Currently, we have two of our investigators with a Baptismal date. One is Bethan, who is 16 and from Wales. She can feel the spirit so strong. She is set to be baptized in early January.
The other person is a man named Gunhui, who is from South Korea. He is super solid and wants to baptized!

This Wednesday we are having an All-Ireland conference with Elder Kearon, of the Quorum of the Seventy.

This Sunday we get our transfer calls so it will be interesting! 

I'm so happy to hear from you it makes my week a lot better!

                                               Cork Missionaries at the Blarney Castle

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  1. great news about the upcoming baptisms, so glad that you are there to share the Word and pray for your success. Aunt Gloria