Monday, November 9, 2015

Cork: 11/9/2015

Hello Family,

Yesterday we got our moves to see if we are staying or moving to a different area.  I am staying in Cork. I love all the members here. They have a funny Irish sense of humor.  Elder Cook is going to Glasgow to be a Zone leader. Elder Arave one of the other elders in our flat is going there as well. Elder Van Staden, from South Africa, is staying and we are getting two new elders. Elder Olsen is my new companion.  He is from Denmark and has been out 6 or 7 months.  Everyone says he’s a really good missionary so I’m really excited. I will probably see him on Wednesday night or Thursday when he gets here.

I love not having electronics. I don’t really miss it. It’s good not to have that distracting you all the time

Not much really happened this week.  It’s just been a very busy week leading up to transfers.  We have been cleaning our flat so when we have new elders come in they can be impressed.

It’s been really rainy and cold here so I have to bundle up.

I did get to go to Tralee for exchanges. They filmed part of Star Wars there.  I’m jealous that I’m not in that area. I got to go with Elder Jamieson. We talked a lot about star wars on our breaks. There is a senior couple in Tralee.  They fed us sloppy joes.

I'm glad everything is going well back home. Thank you for the prayers and emails.
I miss you all.


Elder Joseph Udy

                                          Elder Van Staden and I
                                          Elder Arave (next to me) , Elder Cook and I

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