Monday, February 29, 2016

Cork 2/29/2016

Hello Family,
The Big Question is, am I staying or am I leaving Cork City?
Well I am leaving, I am being moved to Sligo, Ireland! I knew it was probably time to leave Cork.
Well here is how the week went:
We had dinner at Julie Mcgill's house, who is a member. She made some really good curry and rice. I know you all think that I probably wouldn’t of  liked  it but I did. It was really good. We taught their sons who are less active. I gave a message about how God loves us all and how He wants to hear from us.
We had District Meeting. It was really good.  We talked a lot about inviting and following up. For district lunch, the Wingets made us some really good sandwiches and French toast.
Later that day, we taught a man named El Shadai. He is from Ghana. We taught about the Restoration.   He liked to talk so we didn’t get all the way through our lesson, but we plan to teach the rest another time.
We taught a man named Gabriel who is from Switzerland. We taught the Restoration and he seemed to really like it. It was hard to teach because of the language barrier. I have been trying to work on teaching simply because most people we teach have English as their second language.
Later that night I went to Young Mens with Elder Brockmann while the others went to a dinner appointment. At Young Mens, they had an eating contest. You had to eat at least a liter of ice cream with a ton of sauce and chocolate. The ones who finished there portion got another half a liter. I got second place. It was fun, but I hope I don't have to do something like that for a while.
We went finding for most of the day.  We taught Lucas. We talked about scripture study with him and the importance of going to church. We told him if he studies the scriptures, prays and comes to church that he will receive his answers to his prayers. 

We went a volunteered at Cork Penny Dinners, a soup kitchen. It was fun, but it was really busy. Lots of people came and it was non- stop work.  After we worked there, we went finding for most of the day
We went to the Branch Activity night. We asked Lucas to teach a yoga class because he is really into yoga. I enjoyed it even though it was hard. I have to admit, I felt good afterwards.
We went to Branch Coordination Meeting. It was good and effective. Brother Quirke, the Branch Mission Leader, had a BBQ for us. He cooked some really good sausages.
After the meeting, we drove to Mallow which is outside Cork and we taught a man named Tendai and his family. We taught him about the Restoration. He had a lot of questions, but seems really interested in finding out the truth!  For the rest of the night we went finding.  We went to eat at one of our favorite places called Burritos and Blues.
I blessed the Sacrament for the first time on my mission and in 6 months. I love being able to bless and administer the Sacrament.
We had a great Elder’s Quorum lesson on yielding to the Lords way. Giving up our ways to match Christ's ways is always better and can bring peace and happiness to our lives.
It was a great day and very surprising when I got the moves call. I am excited to go but not very fond of packing!
I love you all
Have a great week,


                                                          6 Missionaries living in 1 Flat

Elder Swenson, Elder Brockmann, Elder Udy, Elder Christensen, Elder Van Staden, Elder Walters

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