Monday, March 7, 2016

Sligo 3/7/16

Its been a very interesting week since it was moves week

I spent most of the day packing because i thought i was leaving that night but turns out i was leaving in the morning on Wednesday. I didnt really enjoy packing because it took forever.
Elder Swenson and I went to go get the Car tested. I was with him because he just rested while i packed.
I met Lucas for the last time. He gave me his Brooklyn Nets hat, which was really nice. He works at a sporting store so he gets good deals. It was Sad to say goodbye because he was the first person i taught on my mission and in Cork. He was also the Last person i taught in Cork. Hopefully the Missionaries in Cork can help him out because he wants to know the Truth.

We left at 10am to drive to Dublin. It was very sad because I grew to love Cork but i knew Change was going to be good.
We got to the Dublin Stake Center and waited for the Zone Leaders to get back. I met my new companion soon after. His name is Elder Vasvary, he is from Hungary.
We drove to Mulingar where we had to drop off the Mulingar Elders car and catch a train to Sligo. The cool thing is that Elder Davis is serving in Mulingar so i get to see him every week at District Meeting!
We took a 2 hour and a half train ride to sligo. Getting my stuff on the train was hard because it was heavy but it worked out.
The good thing was is that our flat is next to the Train station so it wasnt a pain to get them there.
Our flat is in a Apartment building. Its really nice and from the roof garden we have a nice view of the mountains.

We went shopping in the morning because we had no food. It was a 25 minute walk to store we shop at: Aldi/Lidil.
After shopping we went finding in the town. Its not very big so its a big change from Cork City.
One of the potentials, Elder Vasvary met last week, invited us to a Catholic mass so we went in the evening. It turned out to be a Prayer night so we sat there while the others were saying their prayers. It lasted about a hour. We got stuck there when they started their book club on Mother Theresa. They were really nice and welcoming! I have to say it was a interesting first day in Sligo.
In our flat we have a big screen TV and during meals we watch The district  or the old testament dvds. It is actually very relaxing.

We went finding for most of the day.
During the night we went to a Family Home evening night at the church. We taught the Plan of Salvation. The members brought us pizza for the refreshments. Since there was not many members or investigators, we were given a lot. Elder Vasvary and I were very full after that.

We spent most of the day finding.
We visited some people at the refugee center and talked to them, which was cool.
Since there is not many people on the streets at night, we do alot of tracting.

We went to church. Its in a Office building. There are about 15-20 members that attend so its a change from cork. The people there are very friendly!
We talked about self-reliance in Combined meeting. We discussed how we can save money. One of the members said that he picks up coins on the sidewalk and gets alot from that. I Just thought of Dad when he says Don't pass by money.
The Rest of the day we went tracting. We tracted this creepy street and a transformer blew when we were walking by.

So that was my crazy week
Sligo is going well and I think its going to be a good transfer
I hope you all have a good week
I love and miss you all
Elder Joseph Udy

                                        A view of the mountains just outside our apartment

                                                                      Elder Vasvary

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