Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cork 2/8/2016

Hello family,
I was admitted to the local hospital last week.  After many tests, it was determined that I suffer from low blood pressure and had a severe case of the flu.  I am doing a lot better. It’s good to finally be back on track with missionary work after being in the hospital for 5 days.
On Wednesday,  I got out of the hospital. I met my new companion Elder Christensen later that day. He is really nice.  He  is a cowboy from Wyoming!   I had met him before when I was traveling from the mission home to Ireland.
Our flat is really crazy right now.   They added a set of Elders to help with a member who is serving a mini mission.  We have 6 missionaries in the flat now!
We got a bunk bed for the new elders and we tried to assemble it but it is going really slow.
Elder Christensen and I went to go visit a less active member named Stephen. He lives on top of this really big hill that always takes my breath away when I climb it. He wasn't there, but I am hoping we can see him soon.
The rest of the day we spent finding in the city. It was great to finally get back out there and work after being trapped in the hospital for so long.
We went finding in the morning. It poured so hard and I was soaked. We found some really good people from pushing through all the rain though.
Later we went to visit a man named John Leslie. He self -referred himself to us. He lives on the north side so we had to drive there. But guess who got to drive, ME! It was my first time driving on the left side of the road on the right side of the car. The roundabouts were also very tricky but it was fun to drive for the first time in over 4 months. John wasn't there so we'll have to try  him another time.
In the evening we went to the Friday night branch activity that they always have. We played an intense game of Apples to Apples. It was really fun.

We had an All-Ireland Conference in Dublin, so we had to travel early.
Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Seventy was there and he spoke to us. He talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries and the importance of our calling. It was very uplifting to hear him speak!
I got to meet with President Donaldson afterwards.  He wanted to see how I was doing. He is an awesome mission president and always uplifts me whenever I get to speak with him.
After traveling for 3 hours back to Cork, we went finding for the rest of the day.
We had church in the morning. I went to gospel doctrine class with my companion because we had too many missionaries in Gospel Principles. We discussed Nephi's courage. Nephi is always a great strength to me because of his example of unfailing faithfulness to the Lord.
After Church we went finding for most of the night. We met some really interesting people, including an Italian man who was yelling at us in Italian so we couldn't really understand what he was saying.
That pretty much sums up the week.
Like I said it is really great to be out of the hospital.
I hope you have a great week!
Elder Joseph Udy

                                                       Getting a Visit in the Hospital

Elder Christensen and I

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