Monday, October 26, 2015

Cork 10/26/15

Things are going great here in Cork.  We have a few solid investigators. Some I feel are ready for baptism. We have been meeting and talking to a lot of people on the streets.

We went to Limerick last Tuesday to go on exchanges. I saw Elder Davis, my companion from the Mission Training Center.  That was fun. 

It was Jazz Weekend so the city was very busy. There were 10+ bands on the streets playing. The night gets scary because a lot of people go drinking at the pubs.  We have to be careful because a lot of people get mugged at night.

This week I started to break down the Book of Mormon each verse at a time. I label each topic in a different color.

Last Pday I got a NYPD Gaelic Football Jersey and its really comfortable.

To answers some questions...

How is the branch(aka congregation)?
As branch missionaries, we are trying to reactivate members.  We are trying to fellowship them by getting to know them better.

The Cork Branch is very nice. All the missionaries have to sing in the Branch choir. I try to get out of singing by Helping with the Sacrament.  We have a Halloween party for the Cork Branch this Friday and the Young Men want us to be part of their Haunted House.  

Where do you go to send emails?
We go to a internet cafe because its the cheapest place to go.

How are you handling the cold?
This week has been very rainy and cold. I am getting good use out of my Sweater.

Did you buy under armor (to keep warm) yet?
I didn't  get to buy my under armor yet because most of the shops are closed today because it is a bank holiday.

Did you get your package?
I did get my Package when I went up to Limerick. I love all the decorations and candy. I think the other elders love the masks.

How do you get around in Cork?
We don't have bikes so we usually have to take the bus or walk. It was hard for me to walk far at first but it gets easier every day.  I love walking the streets here because there are usually Street Performers on every street.

I am glad everything is going well at home.

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