Monday, October 19, 2015

Cork 10/19/2015


It is crazy that I've been out a month already.  The weeks are flying by.

To answer some of your questions:

The Church is doing great. The members are so friendly.

We've only eaten at a member’s house twice. On Wednesday we ate at a member’s house names Kagaris. Sister Kagaris is actually from around San Antonio. We had Chicken and chips at their house. Then we went to the church to teach the Young Men on Missionary work. They made us some really good milkshakes.

On Saturday night we went to a member’s house.  His name was Paul. Paul is from Nigeria. He made us some really good pasta and chips.

We have chips (fries). My companion got so tired of calling fries chips.  We talked about all the good American food we love.

People serve us a lot of Fanta. It is different than in the U.S. It has orange juice in it. I think it tastes weird but good.

We haven’t gotten IPads yet, hopefully we get them soon because my side bag is getting heavy.

Ireland weather has been so weird. It gets so cold then can be really warm.  Right now it is really chilly. I wish I would have brought some Thermals because my arms and legs get cold.

It’s been interesting so far but I love it. On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Arave. We went up the highest hill in Cork just to see a member who didn’t end up being there, but the view was amazing. 

Since we don’t have bikes here we either drive into town or use the bus.

I ate another Kebab on Saturday.  It was really good.

On Sunday, we almost had to use tortilla shells for the sacrament because no one had the bread.

Elder Cook wrestles me every night. He always beats me even though he is 50 pounds lighter than me because he is a wrestler. 

Tomorrow I go to Limerick on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders so that will be fun

Most of the people are really nice here. Most nights it is hard to stop people to talk because they are too busy going to the pub to watch rugby.

The power of prayer is so great because of what I’ve learned this week. Heavenly Father is always there and is always there to give comfort to those who need it.

I invite everyone to share their testimony when they have the chance because the spirit comes so strong when you share.

‘Hope everyone is doing well.


Elder Udy

                                          Irish Bagpipers
                                          View From The Top of Cork

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  1. Love to hear about your adventures!

    Shannon Holland (neighbor)