Monday, October 5, 2015

From England to Scotland and then on to Cork, Ireland

So I left the MTC on Wednesday the 30th. Elder Davis and I and some others traveled up to the Mission Home in Edinburgh. When we got there we were greeted by the president. We went hiking up pratts hill after that. 

Later that day, we were assigned our trainers. My trainer is Elder Cook. He is from Idaho.
During the evening. we went street finding in Edinburgh. It was interesting. It was my first time, since I didn't get to go in the MTC because i had to pick up my brp.
We stayed at the mission home that night so we could travel the next day.
I was assigned to serve in The Cork, Ireland District with Elder Cook.
My companion and I left Edinburgh, Scotland and on bus to catch a ferry to Belfast Ireland.
The Ferry was fun. I ate some good fish and chips and some Irn Bru.
When we arrived we took a bus from Belfast to Dublin.
In Dublin we got some good Pizza.
Since my trainer is a district leader. we picked up his car and drove 3 hours to our Flat in Cork.
We share a flat with two other elders. Elder Arvey and Elder Hansen.
The whole weekend (Friday and Saturday) we went Finding around the college (UCC).
I got a couple of peoples numbers myself.
On saturday we went teaching with a member named Brian. He loves protein powder and lifting weights. So we went shopping for protein powder with him. Dallin would probably like him.
Sunday we watched general conference all day. All the Talks were so good.
Today we went to go apply for my Ireland Visa. We stood in line for 3 hours but they closed so i have to go back.
In the Scotland/Ireland Mission, it is tradition for the Missionaries to get Kabaptized. The elder or sister has to eat Donner Kebab (baptism) then after drink a Coke (Holy Ghost). So all the Elders and sisters in the area got together to watch me eat one. It was actually pretty good. Even though its slaughtered lamb.
Anyways, everything is going well. There is so many miracles I've seen that I can't wait to share.

                                                           The Ferry to Belfast Ireland
                                                              Eating Donner Kebab
                                          Gordon B Hinkleys Flat when his was on his mission
                                                              "Pratt's Hill"  

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