Monday, October 12, 2015

Cork 10/12/15

Its been a busy week since Ive last emailed. 
Since my companion, Elder Cook is a district leader I get to go on a bunch of exchanges.
Tuesday October 6th
I went on exchanges with an Elder named, Elder Beverage. It was an OK day. We went looking for people to teach all day but didn't really find anyone.
Wednesday October 7th
I went on exchanges with Elder Jamieson.   Today we had lots of success. Its proves that with a lot of faith we can accomplish great things. We ate Subway for lunch that day. Subway is a lot cheaper here. I got a foot long, a drink and 3 cookies for about 7 euros. I think things here are somewhat cheaper.
Thursday October 8th 
I got to attend my first Zone Conference. The zone conference was in Limerick so it was about a 2 hour drive from Cork. We got there early so we ate McDonald's. The one thing I'm not sure i like about Ireland is that there are no public bathrooms, so i ether have to go to the branch building or pay 20 cents to use some nasty ones in the middle of the city. During the conference we all had interviews with our mission president, President Donaldson. I enjoyed meeting with him. I told him how amazing this first week has been. For lunch we ate KFC. They brought tons of chicken to the church building. I didn't eat that much because I didn't want to get sick but Sister Donaldson insisted. After we ate we had some more instruction. Elder Davis is in my zone so i got see him there, so that was great. It was an enjoyable day.
Friday October 9th 
We taught a few investigators in the morning. We went finding most of the day. I stopped this one guy from the University and asked him about some of his interests.   He said he liked street preforming. He sang Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles in the middle of the city for us. It was great!. To end the day we had something really interesting happen. We started talking to a guy by the Library. He ended up being a bible preacher so he started to bash with Elder Cook and I. He was really rude to us.   He tried to cast a demon out of Elder Cook.  
Saturday October 10th 
It was a really cold day, we taught a couple of lessons at the library. We didn't find many people to teach because of the weather. We did have some good hot chocolate. We were suppose to teach a drug addiction class at the church but no one showed up.
Sunday October 11th
We attended Branch Council early that morning. It was interesting because it was my first time at such a meeting.   I got to pass the sacrament, so that was fun. Most of our investigators came to church so that was good. After our weekly planning, we went looking for people to teach around our flat.   A lot of people were drunk because Ireland won that night, so it was very productive night.
Monday October 12th
We went grocery shopping in the morning. At noon we took a bus into town to go shopping. There is a store called Penney's. Its basically a cheep version of of JCPenneys. I bought some gloves there because my hands get cold when we are outside. All The Elders and Sisters went to a place called Rockin Joes for lunch. It is  basically all American food. I had chicken fingers for lunch and a Kit Kat shake. 
For food we have a lot of Pasta and burritos. I
I went suit shopping today but i didn't find any that I liked so we have to keep looking.
Thanks for all the letters.  I miss you guys!

                                                          At my flat
                                                           Elder Cook and I

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  1. Thanks for the update Joseph! It is great to hear you are doing so well.

    Shannon Holland (neighbor)