Monday, August 22, 2016

Dumbarton 8/22/2016

This week has been great! Crazy but awesome!

Here it is!

We able to teach our friend David! On Tuesday and Friday we went with our Ward MissionLeader to visit David. On Tuesday we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ! So when we got to Baptism, I felt a really strong impression to invite David to Baptism. With the strength of the Lord, My English was understandable, I extended the invitation for him to be Baptized! His baptism is on the 17th of September. We might move it to the 10th because he is progressing really well! David came to church as well, which was great! I am grateful that Heavenly Father was able to lead us to David!

What was crazy about this week was that I had to go to Glasgow, 2 times, for doctors appointments. It was kind of annoying but that was the past and now its on to the next track. They took me off Concerta which is kind of been a trial. Its really hard to focus on studies and conversations. Hopefully all will get better!

On Tuesday we were able to do service for a member, Pat Burns and her husband! I pulled weeds, ah yea, pulling weeds. She said I did a good job, so I'm glad I didn't mess her garden up! She fed us some yummy Cheeseburgers! I know I don't usually eat them but these ones were really good! I am glad that we were able to do that service for her!

Dinner at the Gallachers was fun! They have a student/member from France staying with them for a year to so she can get better with her English!

On Sunday we had a great church service. In priesthood, we were in the Howard W. Hunter manual on the chapter about Eternal Marriages. It was interesting, learned some advice for after my mission, haha.

We attended Ward Council after church. The meeting was great and we were able to speak about the needs of the Missionary Work. I love this ward because they are so willing to help out with building the Kingdom!

Other fun facts!

Elder Thayne, my previous companion is now in my district! He is training a missionary from Ukraine. It will be exciting to see him at District meeting on Tuesday!

I'm hoping this next week will be a even better week!

I hope you all have a great week


Elder Joseph Udy

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