Monday, August 15, 2016

Dumbarton 8/15/2016

Hello Family!

This week has been great and we were able to actually teach this week! I am grateful for the prayers and fasting, I know it helped.

We received our moves call this week and we are both staying in Dumbarton!

Here is the Rundown of the week!

So we were able to teach our friend Mark a couple of times this week. We lost contact with him and we saw him while we were on a bus to loch lomond. He has been involved in some serious Word of Wisdom issues. We met with him several times to help him get off the drugs. Hopefully through his desire will come motivation to actually stop the drugs so he can think clearly. Please keep him in your prayers as he is struggling.

So we following our leaders council, On Wednesday, we picked a small town to do finding  by inspiration. We went to a small village called Rhu outside of Helensburgh. We did some tracting. While we were tracting (probably less then 10 doors in) we met a man named David. He let us in to hear what were saying. David himself, had done some research on the Mormons. He found a Book of Mormon in a Charity shop (Thrift Shop) and had read up to Alma 60! We taught him about the restoration and he accepted the goal to be baptized when he receives a answer! We also met him at the Dumbarton Ward building and gave him a tour. We taught him in the chapel, The Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong and he felt more at peace. We will be meeting him on Tuesday (Tomorrow) with our ward mission leader hopefully to teach him again!

Our District meeting on Tuesday was also great. Each team instructed on a bible story. We instructed on the story in Mark 6 and Matthew 14 about the apostles crossing the sea. In the story the Apostles are struggling and Jesus is there watching and passes by them. For us we can see that Jesus is always watching, always there for us to reach out. We just need to put our faith in him!

On Sunday service great. In Sunday school, we we taught about the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. We really focused on having the whole amour of God on and always being prepared for spiritual dangers that may come our way!

Just to let you a fun fact. It rains a lot here. One day it rained the whole day. I got drenched. After almost close to a year of being out, The rain just makes the work more interesting and fun! I love it!

Sorry the emails have been shorter hopefully they will be longer in the future.

Hope you all have a great week


Elder Joseph Udy


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