Monday, July 25, 2016

Dumbarton 07/25/2016

Hello Everyone!

What a great it has been! We taught a few lessons. It was really hot at the beginning of the week and raining by the end of it!

This is how the week went

On Monday, I had a doctors appointment in Glasgow so we went to Glasgow for basically the whole day! It honor of Aunt Jill, I went to the Hard Rock cafe and bought a Hard Rock Glasgow shirt! We also went to a American sweet store in the Buchanan galleries. I bought some A&W root beer for my birthday of the 6th of August.

We took a train back in the evening and went to Helensburgh, where we went finding for the rest of the evening!

On Tuesday, we traveled by train to district meeting in Glasgow. We talked about teaching simply so that our investigators can understand. We also practice relating objects to the Gospel. It proved very useful to help our investigators relate to the Gospel by the things they use everyday!

In the evening we taught a man named Mark at the Church! We taught about the Holy Ghost and the Restoration! He was taught before by previous missionaries but he didn't really understand it seems. Hopefully we can meet him again so we can help him grow a knowledge in the Gospel.

On Wednesday, we taught a man named Jeremiah, who we found the day before. He grew up in Birmingham, England but is originally from Jamaica. We taught him the Restoration and focused on the Book of Mormon. He said he liked the way he was living but we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to really know if what we were sharing is true.

We went to the Gallachers that evening for dinner! We had a really good shepherds pie and chocolate cake! Afterwards we shared a message on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I related the Gospel to a map that we can use to direct our life's in the right path!

After that we went with Brother Gallacher to visit some less- active members! We visit two older ladies, Morrag (My spelling) and Henrietta. We shared to both about the Sabbath day and why we come to church.

On Thursday, we taught a woman in the evening named Dorthy Bryce. She really likes the church but has a hard time committing to Baptism because of Health problems. We hope to continue to meet with her to help her understanding.

The rest of the day we spent finding!

On Friday, we had our appointments fall through so we spent the whole day finding.

Our ward mission leader brought a BBQ ranch pizza for dinner which really helped after a long day of finding!

On Saturday, We met with a woman in our ward, named Ann Browning. She took us out to lunch. She took us to a really good pub! I got a Southern Fried Chicken sandwich with fried Mac and Cheese on top. It was HUGEEE, I had a hard time taking a bite into that thing! She also bought us desert there which was so nice of her! Its really nice to be supported by the members!

Afterwards, we went to help a Sister in the ward, Sister Burns, mow here lawn. Her husband is unable to because of medical problems. After mowing, we were able to sit down with both of them. David Burns, her husband, isn't a member so it was good to get to know him!

In the evening, we had Ward Coordination with Johnathan Martin, our ward mission leader. Before he took us to get Fish and Chips at a really good chippie! We had a good ward coordination meeting and we were able to discuss the needs for missionary work!
On Sunday, we had a wonderful church meeting! We talked in Priesthood about "Always retaining a remission of your sins" by Elder David A. Bednar off the Quorum of the Twelve apostles. It was a great lesson and a talk i recommend reading!

After church we had dinner at the Coupers, a big family in the ward. They made a great dinner, a roast dinner! We were grateful for letting us come to dinner! We shared about what Heavenly father

In the evening we went finding and it poured! We got soaked. Someone was even water skiing during the storm!

What a great week!

I love being a missionary! Its great and I feel great!

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Joseph Udy
                                                                 Loch Lommond
                                                        My desk

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