Monday, July 18, 2016

Sligo 6/27/16

Hello Family!

What a crazy week!  Ireland won against Italy but lost to France! The UK is leaving the EU and The Sterling Pound dropped so that's good for me!

This was our interesting week!

We taught Chris in the evening and he is doing well! He is progressing towards his Baptism (which is the 2nd of July!). Things are beginning to pick back up here in Sligo.  We taught Jesus and Loander!   I shared with them the Mormon message, Daily Bread by Elder D. Todd Christtofferson. It talked about getting our Spirtual food like prayer and scripture study. We committed them to read the Book of Mormon, everyday and pray daily as well!

We had district meeting and the Mullingar Elders came. I was assigned the devotional at the beginning of the meeting. I talked about being a Disciple of Christ. We always need to thinking how Christ would serve. We also need to focus on what can we do to become a better Disciple of Jesus Christ rather then trying to become like other people.  Afterwards we went out into the Towns of Boyle and Carrick-On-Shannon. We found a few people that we can go and teach!  After our day of finding we had district Dinner at a fast food place called Supermacs!

In afternoon we went to the Garda (Irish police) Station to register for Elder Thaynes Irish Visa.
In the evening we went to visit Chris. We taught him about Prayer and Scripture study!

We went to Jesus and Loander's latin dance class. They taught us the Salsa. It was fun and probably more fun to watch me mess up! I'm glad that we can be a support to them.  In the evening we went to Strand hill to see our friend William. I shared a message with him on Prayer. I asked him to say the Closing prayer but he thought we wanted him to pray to us so that was interesting, we'll have to fix that!

We taught Ed. He got engaged to his girlfriend, Caroline! He is awesome. I shared 1 Nephi 3:7 with him because this Scripture has meant a lot to me because it tells us that God doesn't give us any thing that he knows we can't do!  In the evening we had Family Home evening. We had a quiz game on the Plan of Salvation. It was fun!

We went to the Teirnans and helped trim their big tall grass. The trimmers/weed whackers they gave us, made me feel like i was flying a X-Wing. It had a nice harness that made it easy to hold. I also helped Brother Teirnan fix one of his Weed whackers that hadn't been working for 3 years! Sister Teirnan fed us some really nice Chicken Curry!  Afterwards we spent the rest of our evening finding!

What a great Sunday! We had a great lesson in Priesthood about always having Christ in our hearts, it will help us in our lives and bring us more Joy!  After Church, Brother Christensen, brought his grill out and cooked us some nice Hamburgers!  In the evening we had to Stay in our apartment . as directed by our Mission President, because Ireland was playing France and there was going to be a lot of Drunk people out.

It was a great week.
The whole deal with UK leaving the EU is going to have some bad side affects. Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to stay in so I guess we'll see what happens.
There is this book, called the Infinite Atonement by President Callister, that is in our Mission Library, that would be one thing i would want for my Birthday.
I hope you all have a great week

Elder Joseph Udy

                                                 Service at Brother Teirnan's House

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