Monday, July 18, 2016

Dumbarton 7/18/2016

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe i've been out for 10 months, It goes by so fast!

I love Scotland, I'm starting to get used to the accent!

This is how the week went;

Monday, We went to Dumbarton castle. It was amazing and a took a ton of pictures! You can see the start of the Highlands from the top of the Dumbarton rock! I also bought some Clan books for the Morrison clan and the Hamilton Clan, I'll have to send them home so you can all enjoy them!

Tuesday, We went to district meeting in Glasgow. We had a great district meeting. The Zone leaders were there and also the assistants! We talked about having a spiritual Sabbath day experience, for us and our investigators. We need to love church or our investigators most likely won't because they see what we do!

The assistants gave us some manuals on Safeguards using technology. Some thing might be happening in the future.. IPads... but I don't know..

After the meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Parsons, who is the district leader. We went to a Buffet with some of the other missionaries. Elder Salinas birthday was that day so they sang to him! 

Afterwards we went finding on Buchanan street, which is the 2nd busiest street in the UK. There were so many people! They are building a Krispy Kreme here...

At their apartment they have Pancake mix from Costco.. THEY HAVE A COSTCO HERE AND PANCAKE MIX.. too bad its not in my area.. but we had a pancake party for dinner!

Wednesday, we traveled back to Dumbarton. It was fun because Glasgow central station is huge and we had a hard time finding our train.

We did finding until we had dinner with the Gallachers. They are so nice! After dinner we went on Home teaching splits, I went with Brother Gallacher and Elder Roylance went with Johnathan, our ward mission leader. We saw a member named Esther. She fed us some really nice Cadbury cake. She has a foster child and they had their member friends over! We talked about enduring to the end!

Thursday, not much happened we had a whole day of finding

Friday, we did a lot of finding as well. We also tried by a lot of former investigators!
For dinner, we went to a really good fish and chip shop that does a lot of deep fried things. I had deep fried pizza, it was alright. It was good to try!

Saturday, we taught a women named Amanda. It was a intresting lesson. We taught her in a town called Bolloch. That day the Highland games were in Bolloch, so it was hard to teach over so many bagpipes but it was fun!

In the evening we had Ward Coordination with Johnathan. He took us out to KFC! He is really cool. He has been home from his mission for 18 months. He served in the Birmingham Mission. We talked about how we can further the work here!

Sunday, today i gave a talk. It was on Spiritual Rebirth. I learned a lot from studying for it! I will put a attachment for my talk in this email.

After church we had lunch at the Cattell's. They made us a ham and potato lunch! It was really good. Sister Cattell actually has a article in the ensign from this month and on about teaching in the saviors way. They also filmed some videos about it and put on the website as well. 

It was a good week and we hope to do better this week!

I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Joseph Udy

                                                      On top of Dumbarton Rock

                                                                  Fried Pizza

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