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Dumbarton 7/11/2016

Hello Family!

Scotland, what a beautiful place and I'm loving the people of Glasgow (Since Dumbarton is a Suburb of Glasgow).

On Tuesday:
  • I was in 3 three different Countries in the same day (Ireland,Northern Ireland,Scotland) 
  • I changed currencies (Euros€ to Sterling Pounds£)
  • I also went through hearing 3 types of Accents
  • My trip was around 281 miles with a total of 9 1/2 hours (Sligo--->Dublin--->Belfast--->Over the Irish sea on a ferry--->Glasgow--->Dumbarton)
What a trip! 

This email is going to be a little different just because it was a weird week!
So I am in Dumbarton Now. Elder Roylance is my companion. We whitewashed Dumbarton Together which means that replaced the two missionaries who were already here.

The Glasgow Accent is sometimes hard to understand. Our area is really nice. We cover up Loch Lomond (The Largest Loch/Lake in the Uk) and a little past. We cover several towns (Dumbarton, Helensburgh, Alexandria...)

The members are really nice here. 

The Gallachers had us over for dinner on Wednesday. I think we had  shepherds pie. It was really good! It was funny when they me, at the beginning, that they were talking to my parents and they were going to post of picture to them! I shared Alma 5: 45-46 with them. It talks about praying and fasting to know the truth. The Spirit will make it know unto us if we put in our part. They have a son around Dallins age, Paul. I think they would get along great!

We had dinner on Thursday with a Less Active Member named Sister O'rawe. Let me say that she was really funny and her Scottish Accent added to that!

For the most of the week we spent time trying to figure out our area (I think we got lost a couple of times). We didn't teach anyone but hopefully we can in the future!
The Dumbarton Ward is nice. There is around 50 coming to church. the members are really friendly and really Scottish! Its a big change from a Branch of 20 people! There were actually some visitors from Sugarland Texas! 

Remember the scottish soda, Irn Bru, well I had a lot of that in the past week. Its so big here that it outsells Coca Cola. In the place that we shop, ASDA, There is a huge section of it and the stores own Brand! They also sell root beer here so I'm set!

We have a nice tarmac track and work out machines in a park in front of our flat!
We have a lovely castle, The Dumbarton Castle from the view of our Flat. I took some pictures of it from the town center. We are going there today!

And Elder Davis is in my district Again! 

Scotland is great! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week

Here is my address(There is a slash in between the 2 and 5, just to show the building number and apartment number, just know that so you don't put a 1).

2/5 Crosslet Road
G82 2ES


Elder Joseph Udy

                                           Looking at Scotland from the Ferry

Elder Guillon and I 

                                                             Elder Davis and I

                                                                  Dumbarton Castle


                                       Transfer from Sligo Ireland to Dumbarton Scotland

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