Monday, April 18, 2016

Sligo 04/11/2016

We got moves call yesterday! Elder Vasvary and I are staying in Sligo! We are going to celebrate by buying some cool stickers for our new planners!
We taught our friend Frank in the evening. We shared scriptures in the Book of Mormon that show why the Book of Mormon is important to help us with understanding. Frank has been asking this every time, the spirit helped us to teach clearly and to testify of the Book of Mormon.
We had district meeting in Sligo. We talked about teaching people and not lessons. We also talked about how we need to use our priesthood more and not be lazy as President Nelson said in General Conference.
Afterwards we did finding for most of our day. We met some interesting people. One guy said he likes to shoot people. Kind of scary but I testified of Jesus Christ because that makes me feel strong.
There is a homeless Hungarian man that we talk to everyday. He can't really speak English so he just speaks to Elder Vasvary. He seems to like me because he always asks if I'm doing ok!
We met a guy from Oklahoma. He was wearing al ot of Oklahoma State gear. I told him that I lived in Norman and started speaking against Oklahoma University. Funny guy!
We went to a town outside of Sligo called Tubercurry. We taught our investigator Stephen there. We talked to him about the Law of Chasity, Word of Wisdom and Tithing. We are working with him on the tea but he is excited to get baptized on the 24th of April!
We taught a Slovakian family after that. We talked about  the 10 commandments to the kids. Really funny kids. The oldest son drove us to the bus stop in his custom gangster Mercedes!
We went finding for most of the day. We were let into a house where some drunk guys were singing karaoke. They sang for us some gospel songs. We had a hard time leaving because they wanted us to stay and sing with them but we manged to leave!
Later on we taught a recent convert named Mensah. We talked about the Pioneers with him. We related it to him and how he is a Pioneer for his family. He left his family in Ghana and is waiting for citizenship here so he can some day bring his family here.
So something earlier in the day happened. A less active member named Ann texted us and said she wanted to meet with us because she wanted to return to church. She also said her Fiance and Kids (From another Husband) are interested. We met them later that night and it was great. Ann's Fiancee's name is Micheal and he is from Florida. Her kids are Daniel(13), Anita(11), and Owen (7). We taught the restoration and they loved it. It reminded me of Dallin, Madison, and Jack because of their Personalities. They said they hope to be at church on Sunday!
We taught a man named J.K Finnegan. It was interesting lesson.. That's all I can say because it was really intense.
We had family home evening that night. They did family history for the new and non members. I was able to talk to our Branch President and members about who we working with!
We did finding for the whole day. It rained a lot and during the evening it snowed really hard. We were soaked by the end of the day but it was a good day of finding!
We had so many people at church. We had Ann's family, our Venezuelan friends and a lot of visitors. There were some members from Idaho visiting. One of the visitors's was Tom was a former superintendent of Idaho and now works Nationally for Education. I told him that I would be attending BYU Idaho in Fall 2017. He told me that BYU Idaho was now the biggest (Size) university in the state of Idaho passing Boise State.
I taught Gospel principles. I taught Charity and how we can strive to have the pure love that Christ had!
The members made us a Irish Dinner after church. It had potatoes, steak, and corn. It was filling and then they gave us cheese cake and ice cream! I am grateful for the members and what they do for us!
The rest of the day we did finding!
Hope everything is going well back at home!


                                                             Practicing my ukele

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