Monday, April 18, 2016

04/04/2016 Sligo

What a great week! General Conference was amazing!

Jesus, The Venezuelan, cut my hair. He did a great job!
The Mullingar Elders came down that night for exchanges the next day. We watched the Book of Mormon animated videos before bed! Remember the ones we had on VHS!

In the afternoon, Elder Watson and I went to the Walshs to do some service. We helped them move around their furniture, which they couldn't do by themselves. I love doing service. It was great because I got a big lick in the face by their huge German Shepard.
Elder Davis and I taught a lesson after that. We met with a woman who name is Maria Fe. We testified of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. I invited her to be baptized if she found out that this is the truth and she said yes. It was a miracle and right as that happened a big hail storm hit (I didn't have my rain jacket so that was fun).
After we tracted for the rest of the day. Its weird it doesn't get dark till past 9, so its weird going in for dinner at 8 because its so light out.

We had some lessons set up for today but they all fell though.   So the day was really just finding.

We did mostly finding today.
Elder Vasvary had to some District leader stuff so i prepared a Paper on Thomas S. Monson for one of the new members that hasn't seen Conference before.  After we taught Mensah, a new member from Ghana. We talked about prophets and the current prophet and president Thomas S. Monson.

We taught our Less active member Ed (the one from New York). We shared about Christ and how acting like him can bring us joy.   At night we had Family Home Evening. The members talked about Family History. It was good. It was a little confusing to our non member friends but hopefully we can simplify it for them.

Elder Vasvary made a Hungarian dish for the F.H.E.. It was really good, he couldn't find Hungarian sausages so he made it with Polish sausages. He says he doesn't make Hungarian food often here because the ingredients are very expensive over here in Ireland.

We talked our Polish friend Berta. We talked about Prophets and General Conference. We invited her to come her to come hear a Prophets voice.   After that we did finding until general conference. 

We watched Conference at the Church on the Roku they had. We tried to watch it on BYU tv but the Sports nation was going over so we had to find it on Mormon Channel.  I really liked Elder Hallstrom's talk about Children of God. Its important to remember who we are. I was glad I got to meet him in February at the Dublin Mission Conference. 

We watched Priesthood Session. It was great. I loved President Monson's short but powerful talk on the power of the priesthood.  We basically were at the Church all day watching conference, it was great. We had 5 investigators come to the Sunday Morning Session at 5pm. They thought it was good.

I can tell what the topic of this Conference was: Family, Marriage and the Temple. Makes me think about how I could have done better to spend time with family. I bet you loved Elder Ballard's talk, Apostolic council to put our phones in the basket so we can spend more time with Family. I love Elder Ballard, he is straight to the point and very powerful.
I love General Conference!

                                              Enjoying Mormon Tabernacle Choir 

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