Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cork 1/18/2016

It’s been another crazy but really fast week!  I can’t believe that I  have already been out for 4 months.
We taught a Family Home Evening lesson to the Dunphys family.  It was crazy because 4 out of their 6 children were there plus two of their friends. We taught a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ then played a crazy game of charades.
We had district meeting. It was really good and we worked on teaching skills. The senior couple missionaries in the Cork district , the Wingets, made some really good white lasagna.
We did some street boarding in the city after that. We did it for around 5 hours which was tiring, but fun. I met two students from Texas A&M-International school which was cool!
We drove the Tralee elders back to Tralee.  On our way back I picked up my packages from DHL and the post office! The sweaters grandma got me are really nice!  Thanks.

Later in the evening we went to our Investigator, Bethan's, house. We watched “Meet the Mormons” with her so she could see the standards and values we have in the church. I love Meet the Mormons, I've seen around 6 times on my mission, I especially love the part with the Navy Football coach and how he goes to church instead of going to work on Sunday and it blesses him and his family!
We did some try bys (visiting less-active church members). We got some really good fish and chips for lunch!
We did mostly finding and knocking on doors because most of our lessons fell through.

We went to do service at a soup kitchen called Penny dinners. It was very busy there but I loved serving there because I love the spirit that comes from serving others.  After that I was feeling ill so we went back to our flat to do weekly planning.
Later on we went to a man name John who referred himself, but he wasn't there. The rest of the night we went knocking doors, which was fun.
We had our missionary coordination meeting in the morning which went well! It has become more organized which makes it more effective.
Afterwards we went street boarding in the city. We met a lot of cool people. We met a man from France that loves the Houston Rockets!  There is a man named Saint Anthony, also known as Crazy Catholic man, and he loves to argue with us. He interrupted us and then he spit on me then walked away. I just smiled because I didn’t do anything wrong!
Later that day, we watched the video “Joseph Smith The Restoration” with some investigators. I love that movie and it always makes me happy!
We had Branch Council in the morning. We discussed the 2016 mission plan for the Branch. We came up with a lot of ideas for bringing unity to the branch!
Church was good as always and Elder Christensen taught the Elder’s Quorum lesson. He taught about the life of Howard W. Hunter. It was a good lesson and the spirit was strong as we watched some conference talks from him.
We ate at President Stapleton’s house for dinner. It was a fun as we had interesting conversation on the word of wisdom over dinner.

More Fun Stuff:

I have grown to love Mexican food more on my mission!
They play the song “Praise to the Man” a lot.
I have a cardiologist appointment on Friday, so hopefully that goes well.
I loved your emails this week.
Have a wonderful week
I love and miss you all.
Elder Joseph Udy

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