Monday, January 11, 2016

Cork 1/11/15

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a very interesting week!


I got a new suit! It was originally 300 pounds but I got it for 120 pounds.   It’s a really nice suit and I'm glad I got it.   For dinner, Elder Olsen and I ate at a French Crepe Cafe. We got these crepes called Extreme Strawberry. It had a load of strawberries with home- made chocolate sauce and strawberry ice cream. It was really good.


We had district meeting which was good. We were instructed by the sisters missionaries on being bold and stating who we are (Representatives of Jesus Christ). It was really good!

Afterwards, I went on exchanges with Elder Jameson, from Tralee. We went street finding for 6 hours. It was long and tiring day, but it was a good! I only brought one book of Mormon with me that day but I should've brought more because I was able to hand it out in the first hour and there was some more people that wanted Book of Mormons. The moral of the story is Be Prepared

For dinner, Elder Jameson made me some special grilled cheese (Cheese, bbq sauce and mayo). I never really had mayo on a sandwich, but it was really good!


In the morning we drove the Tralee elders back to their area.  It was pouring rain when got back to Cork. We went tracting in the rain for about an hour. The rain was intense, but we talked to a lot of good people.  We taught a lesson to Bethan, our investigator.   We resolved some of Bethan and her Dad’s concerns. 


In the morning we got picked up by President and Sister Thompson because they were talking me to the doctor. We got to ride in President Thompsons nice Mercedes Benz!  The doctors are still trying to find out why I keep getting dizzy. 

After the doctor appointment, we taught a less active named Stephen. We taught about the restoration of the Church, I could feel the spirit so strong as I testified of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel.   It was a very good lesson.


In the morning, we drove to Limerick because we had Zone Leaders Conference for Elder Olsen.   We also went on exchanges with the Zone leaders.   After the Zone Leaders Conference, Elder Ensign and I went tracting in Limerick.   It was a good intense couple of hours of talking to a lot of people

For dinner, President Thompson and his wife invited us to have
Subway with them at the Church.    I don't know what was on the sandwich, but it was really good.  We stayed the night in Limerick.   Elder Ensign gave me the package that you had sent me.


We went back to Cork.   We taught a man named Paul that afternoon. He is a Chemical Analyst.  He knows a lot about pharmacy,  he talked to me a lot about that.   We talked about the Holy Ghost with him.   He is very interested in the church.

The rest of the day we went spent talking to people on the street.


We woke up and it was really cold. Our car was frozen and it took a while to get to church.  The heating at church wasn't working.  It was so cold that after Sacrament meeting they told everyone to go home.  After our short church meeting, we went and knocked doors for a bit. Only one person, slammed the door on us so that was good!

For dinner, we went to President Stapleton's house. We had some good potatoes for dinner.   He started talking a lot about Kolob because he likes his doctrine.   We had a good time with him. 

The rest of the night, we spent fixing our area book.  Thanks for the emails,  I love hearing from everyone.

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