Monday, March 28, 2016

Sligo 3/14/2016

We taught a man Frank that I stopped one of my first days in Sligo. He was very interested in learning why we need the Book of Mormon. He asked if the Gospel (The Bible) isn’t enough. We testified that The Book of Mormon was given to us to testify of Jesus Christ and clarify truth from the Bible. So many people understand the Bible differently but with the Book of Mormon, we can understand with one clear way.
Frank was very friendly and never disagreed with the doctrine we taught. We were so blessed to be able to teach him. We are teaching him again today (14th of March) and will invite him to baptism.
The Mulligar Elders drove up for District Meeting. We have the Zone leaders in our district but since they visit every district we just have the 4 of us. It’s nice having a small district because it feels more unified. We talked about using the Book of Mormon in our teaching. I shared that it is important to study the scriptures and liken them to ourselves because then we can testify personally of the scripture instead of just reading it.
After district meeting, I went on exchanges with Elder Davis while Elder Vasvary and Elder Watson went to go visit a potential investigator outside of Sligo.
It was fun going on exchanges with Elder Davis, we have never been finding together so it was great!

The rest of the day, Elder Vasvary and I, we spent finding. We usually tract during the night since there are not many people on the streets then.
We spent the morning street contacting which was fun.
Later we taught our Venezuelan friends. We talked about how you need to be baptized by the power of God. It was hard for them to understand that but hopefully the spirit can testify that the Priesthood has been restored.
Later, we rushed to the Train station to catch the last train to Mulligar. We needed to stay there overnight because we need to be in Dublin the next day in order to use the car the missionaries there have.
We drove over to Dublin for the All Ireland Leadership training. While Elder Vasvary was in the training, I went out with some others to going finding in the Dublin City center. It was fun. It was bigger than Cork and was very crowded.
One thing I forgot to tell you is that Elder Stevens, who is a district leader in Waterford, told me that he lived in Katy Texas when he was little. He lives in England now. I thought that was cool. He was in the Nottingham Country Ward.
The rest of the day was spent traveling back, which was a pain but we got to do some planning on the train.
We spent the morning finding in the city
Every Friday, we go to visit a less-active member named Ed, who is almost 60 years old. He is from the Bronx in New York, which is cool. His girlfriend was there so we got to teach her as well. We talked about the Atonement and read out of the Book of Mormon. They gave us these huge Cadbury chocolate eggs which was nice.
Later in the night we went to Family home evening at the church. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by living it we can be blessed!  Some of the members brought KFC for the refreshments so that was cool.

We spent most of the Day finding.
At night we taught a woman named Imalda. She was searching for the truth and wanted to know if this was the right church. We shared about she could find out.
We went to church
We had a good lesson in Priesthood about the first vision. We talked about how the blessings of the Restoration. I love hearing and reading about the restoration.
Later on we taught a man named, Philipi. He had a lot of questions but we told him that the way to find out if this is true is by sincere prayer.
That was my crazy week
It will be interesting on Thursday for Saint Patrick’s Day. I can’t believe that on Thursday I will be out for 6 months!

We do a lot of walking here in Sligo.  We do not have a car.  The bikes we have are broken.   Luckily, my shoes are holding up.
We usually teach the Gospel Principles and Priesthood lessons on Sundays.

I hope you all have a great week,
I love and miss you all
Elder Joseph Udy

                                                                        Wildlife in Sligo 

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