Monday, January 16, 2017

1/16/17 Galashiels

January 16th 2017 Galashiels, Scotland

Hello Everyone!

This week we had…

That’s right… Snow… I absolutely loved it.

I got to shovel as well which brought back some great memories

It was very cold this week.

We shoveled the driveway of the church. Got into sort of of a snowball fight with Elder Watson. Fun times.

This week was tough because of the weather but we managed to do some finding.

Mark and Kate are doing fine. Kate is in the process of moving so we have been helping with that.

They weren't able to come to the church which was sad:(

Today I’m in Edinburgh for a doctor's appointment. We stayed overnight in the mission home which was cool.

Sister Donaldson is taking us to Costco today (which is really fun for those Americans serving in the UK). We are going to buy some good stuff to take back to Galashiels!

I hope you are doing well!

Have a great Week


Elder Joseph Udy

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