Monday, October 10, 2016

Galashiels 10/10/2016

October 10th 2016 Galashiels, The Scottish Borders

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a great week!

On our P-Day we went thrift shopping! They have a ton of Thrift shops here in Galashiels!

On Tuesday we went to Edinburgh for District meeting! We usually go to Dalkeith ward building to have it but they were having a funeral at the building! Before the district meeting we got to go inside the mission home! It was my first time in the mission home since coming into the mission! I got to see President Donaldson!
In District meeting we talked about our goals for this transfer. It was great, we even met in the Nursery (because there was construction in the rest of the building)
Afterwards, President Donaldson took us to the train station so we could go back to Galashiels!

This week we were able to see our friend Mark. We taught him The Plan of the Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is preparing to be Baptized on the 12th of November!

This week we did a lot of finding. Our bus passes finally came so this next we should be great!

On Thursday I had to go to Edinburgh for the doctors. While on the way back to the train, we got some good pictures of Edinburgh Castle!

On Saturday we went to our branch president’s house for dinner! Everything he cooks is homemade. He is such a cool guy. He used to sing Country professionally!

On Sunday we got to go to our first sacrament meeting in Galashiels. The branch is quite small but they are so kind!

We have our All Scotland Conference

I hope everyone’s week was great

Until next week,
Elder Joseph Udy
Scotland/Ireland Mission

                                                             Elder Watson and I
                                                                 Riding the bus

Watching General Conference
                                                                  Cool stuff in Edinburgh

                                                                       Edinburgh Castle

My bus pass

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