Monday, June 6, 2016

Sligo 6/6/2016

Hello family!
This week was very interesting but fun!

We took a train to Mullingar in the evening. Then we drove around 1-2 hours into Dublin! My second time driving in Ireland but it was better. I managed to get to the Zone Leaders apartment safely!

We drove with the Zone Leaders to the Dublin Bus station, where I said Goodbye to Elder Vasvary! It was sad but he's going to great in Paisley.  The whole day I was with the Zone leaders because Elder Thayne was getting in around 5 at the Dublin Bus station.   We went finding until we had to head in to the City Centre. It was so hot in the city because there were a lot of people and the sun was blazing on the city.
At 6, Elder Thayne got in with the other missionaries! He had a long travel from Aberdeen to Dublin. He has been out for 14 months and he is from Lehi, Utah.  Before driving home, The zone leaders and us enjoyed some food at KFC.
Then we started our drive back to Mullingar, I found out that Elder Thayne Loves Star Wars!   We stayed at Mullingar for the night, it was great talking to each other!

We took the train back to Sligo. When we got back it was so hot outside.   After getting everything organized and settled we did finding for the rest of our day! We found quite a lot of people to teach!

We had a whole day of finding but it was great!  We found a lot of people to teach!  We found a man named Thomas, who lives in London, but we were able to teach him the Restoration before he went back. He was so interested, we are excited for Missionaries to start teaching him in London!

We went by a man named Clement in the afternoon. He is from Cameroon and loves watching tennis. We tried teaching him but he was too busy watching Serena Williams play in the Semi Finals in France. He was really intense because Serena Williams kept hitting the net and it made him really mad. She won which is good but we will have to go back when he isn't watching tennis.
We taught Ed today as well. We talked about how Star Wars has alot of Gospel in it. We also shared about how we can have a happy life if we trust and follow Jesus Christ!
For Family Home evening, We shared about the spirit and the patterns of the spirit videos by David A. Bednar. I was felt the spirit so strong as a shared my testimony on how the Holy Ghost blesses my life!

We taught Chris, from Cameroon, after finally getting back in contact with him! We read the Book of Mormon together and we shared why we need the Book of Mormon! We set him with a Baptismal Date of July 2nd !
Later in the evening, we took a Bus to strandhill where we met our friend William!. He brought us to his home. He has a beautiful view of the Knocknarea Mountains from his Backyard and a great view of the ocean from his front yard. He is a older gentlemen. We shared the Book of Mormon with him! After he drive us around the Mountain! It was a great!

We had Fast and Testimony meeting. I shared my Testimony on Our Baptismal Covenant. When we are Baptized, Heavenly Father gives a promise of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. As long as we are Worthy we can be led and helped by the Spirit Constantly.
The rest of our day was spent finding and then planning for our week!
It was a great week and we found success in the short week we had!
I hope every thing is going well back home both Maine and Texas!
Have a wonderful week
Elder Joseph Hyrum Udy

                                                     Goodbye to Elder Vasvary
                                                          On our way to Dublin
                                                    Knocknarea Mountains (Might Hike today)
                                                     The Mighty Elder Thayne

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